Cookies policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer, smartphone or other device when you access the internet. Cookies allow websites store and recover information, among other things, regarding internet surfing habits of a user or a device, and depending the information they contain and in  which way it is used in the device, they can be used to identify the user

Types of cookies

Depending on the active period:

  • Session Cookies: they are designed to collect and store data while user access to a web site.
  • Permanent Cookies: they are stored in the users computers and access and treatment are allowed for a period defined by the cookie responsible.

Depending on the ownership:

  • Own Cookies: those cookies belonging to GRUPO CALDERERIA ROVIRA, S.L.
  • Third parties Cookies: those cookies belonging to somebody else than GRUPO CALDERERIA ROVIRA, S.L. and who will be who treats the information collected.

Depending on the final purpose:

  • Technical or personalization Cookies: used to improve the service, locate issues, user recognition, etc..
  • Analytical and/or advertising Cookies: used to analyse information regarding navigation on the internet and offer general or personalized ads.

Most common types of cookies:

Technical cookies: those cookies are owned by user and they are also identifying, setting and recording cookies and they are needed to identify the user and to deliver services required by user.

Information collected using those cookies is exclusively used by GRUPO CALDERERIA ROVIRA, S.L.

Analytical cookies: those cookies are used by us or by third parties and they allow quantify the number of users and then carry out the measurement and statistic analysis of which kind of use the users do of the delivered service. To improve the it, the navigation on our web site is analysed.

Advertising cookies: those cookies are used by us or by third parties and they allow managing advertising spaces that can be included in our website and/or store information regarding users behaviour collected by continuous monitoring.

Those cookies provide information regarding internet navigation habits and allow us show you personalised ads for your profile.

Purpose of cookies:

Cookies are used to offer personalised services and/or advertising, to analyse the operation of the system, recognize the user when access the web site, locate issues and solve as soon as possible, as well as analyse and measure the use and activity of the web site.

Acceptance of cookies

It is not mandatory to get the user acceptance for technical cookies or those that are just for delivering services of the information society expressly requested by consignee

For the rest of cookies it is mandatory to get the users acceptance. It can be requested several ways. For GRUPO CALDERERIA ROVIRA, S.L., we will understand the user has accepted the cookies by using the web site, without prejudice to cancel it at any time and deactivating the cookies.

Types of cookies used in this web site:

Technical cookies: those cookies are created and owned just by us and allow users to navigate though the web site and the use of the several options such as, identify the session, personalise information or grant access to restricted areas.

GRUPO CALDERERIA ROVIRA, S.L. web site uses Google Analytics. This tool has been developed by Google and it helps web site owners to measure how users interact with the content of the web site. For more information please visit:

The web domain   uses the following types of cookies:

Cookie name Purpose Expiration period
_ga Used to discriminate between users and sessions.
The cookie is created when the javascript library is loaded and it does not exist a previous version of the cookie_ga. The cookie is used each time data is send to Google Analytics.
2 years
_gid It is an analytical cookie related to Google Analytics and it is used to distinguish each user. 24 hours

How to deactivate cookies:

You can allow, block or eliminate cookies installed in you computer by using the using the settings application of your browser:

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